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Tune Up Level 1


The Level 1 "Basic" Tune Up includes the safety check and adjustment of all components. 



The Safety Check is included in all Tune Up packages to ensure that the bike is safe to ride, this includes tightening any loose bolts, a frame wipe down to facilitate a visual inspection of the frame for failures, and inflating the tires. We reserve the right to not service a bike that we deem unsafe to ride.

Tune Up Level 2


Tune Up Level 3


Level 2 "Comprehensive" Tune Up includes the safety check, surface cleaning the components, polishing the frame, and truing the wheels. 

The Level 3 "Overhaul" includes removal of all components from the bicycle frame for a cleaning in the parts washer, then a complete rebuild and tune. 

Shop Policies

  • There is no appointment necessary for bike repairs at Avant. Come by during bike shop hours for a free evaluation of your needs!

  • Items left longer than 30 days after repairs are completed may be subject to a $1 per day storage fee. Items left longer than 90 days will be considered abandoned and become property of Avant. We will contact several times before this happens, and if you have an extenuating circumstance just let us know!

  • Call, email, or come by the store for more info on repairs and services

  • We are sorry we cannot service bicycles equipped with gas powered motors.

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