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Service Center


The Safety Check is included in all Tune Up packages to ensure that the bike is safe to ride, this includes tightening any loose bolts, a frame wipe down to facilitate a visual inspection of the frame for failures, and inflating the tires. We reserve the right to not service a bike that is deemed unsafe to ride.

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Service Policies

  • No appointment necessary, bring in your bicycle anytime the bike shop is open for an intake. Check the bike shop hours here.

  • Items left longer than 30 days after repairs are completed may be subject to a $1 per day storage fee. Items left longer than 90 days will be considered abandoned and become property of Avant.

  • Contact your desired service center with questions. Find our locations here.

  • We cannot service bicycles equipped with gas powered motors.

  • We only service e-bikes from Trek, Giant, and Electra brands.

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